In an increasingly and undetectable AI inhabited Internet for surveillance capitalism, attention economy,control, do you think there's still value in online social interactions? Authentically? How so? (

We are social animals, many or most of us need social interaction for our well being, but also survival purposes taking into account the socioeconomic system and globalization. If we cannot have that interaction in real life, we try to find that in the virtual space....

Although TikTok is privately-owned, refusing control from the Chinese government might not be a safe option for executives, says researcher (

"It’s not uncommon for Chinese authorities to forcibly “disappear” business executives, a practice that has increased in recent years under President Xi Jinping. Some executives have never been heard from again. Some have returned to work as if nothing had happened. Some ended up going to prison. Some even mysteriously...

Not only TikTok: France bans also Twitter, Instagram, Netflix and other apps from government staff phones (

The move follows similar restrictions on TikTok in democratic countries amid fears about the popular video-sharing app's Chinese connections. But the French decision also encompassed other platforms widely used by government officials, lawmakers and President Emmanuel Macron himself.

"TikTok is part of China’s cognitive warfare campaign", says researcher Nita Farahany (

"We [...] need to raise public awareness of the risks associated with digital platforms and neurotechnology devices by giving the public concrete information about the risks to themselves and national security. Educating users about potential dangers and promoting digital literacy will empower individuals to make informed...

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