Can i install lemmy's backend from the master branch but connect it to a front-end from other repo? (

I want to install lemmy's backend from lemmy's master branch but use other lemmy UI who supports RTL.

is this possible? if yes, how can be done?


Yes this is no problem. Lemmy-ui connects to the Lemmy backend over websocket api. As long as both have the same version they will work together. For example official Lemmy backend installed via Docker, combined with ith manually installed lemmy-ui directly from git repository. You can apply RTL changes to lemmy-ui without any problems as long as you don't change the api code.

In general backend and frontend should also be compatible if they only differ in patch version (eg 0.17.0 backend with 0.17.1 frontend). But this is not being tested so there is a higher chance that things break.

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