good to see projects like this increasing accessibility, at it's heart is just another commercial off the shelf air sensor module.

would be great to see them expand to support a variety of comparable air sensors rather than depend on one manu.




Does anyone have access and can share the paper here? Specifically I would like to know how this can be built or bought, how it works and how accurate it really is. The article mentions an operating live of six months which seems very short, depending on the cost.


Doesn't seem to be on sci-hub yet unfortunately.


A post from the hackernews thread had a lot of that info:

Link to project website:

Link to assembly guide:

Link to bill of materials:

Naively searching for every lines of the bill of materials gives me around $300, with a handful of items being around $50 and everything else under $5. I'm sure a hobbyist could find the parts for cheaper, especially things like individuals connectors that I found for around $5. I've seen them go as low as $0.25 when bulk purchased.

Disclaimer: it's possible that some SKUs led me to the wrong products. I am not into electronics. I encourage you do to the same exercise before drawing conclusions.

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