atomicpoet, to random

I’m incredibly bummed out about @TexasObserver shutting down.

They were incredible innovators with the Fediverse, and blazed a path forward for journalism here. They were among the first publications to host their own Mastodon server.

Sadly, their arrival here wasn’t enough to sustain them.



@atomicpoet @TexasObserver @fediversenews What a shame to lose their voice!


@atomicpoet @TexasObserver @fediversenews one of the first newspapers I followed. I loved their spirit 😥

hacks4pancakes, to random

I don’t know why there isn’t a single pharmacy in the Istanbul airport but a random British tourist just saved my life with two aspirin. That was one of the worst international flights I have ever been on.


@hacks4pancakes :hugs: =\


@hacks4pancakes there was a long thread on Twitter last year of a woman transiting through that airport needing period products and the ordeal she went through

hacks4pancakes, to random

The Venn diagram of by friend demographic super excited about using (training) ChatGPT and paying for Twitter is a circle sigh


@typingloudly I’ve heard those words many times before and it has resulted in the things you just named.


@hacks4pancakes @typingloudly can I just point out how refreshing it is to see two people I follow have a disagreement that did not involve name calling or low blow attacks. This is a moment 🤣

rysiek, to random

New phrase for shilling "AI" just dropped:

> Sparks of AGI


Somebody noticed that the term "AI" became tarnished by overuse and diluted to a point of being useless in boiler-room-style peddling that is now happening.

But they can't outright claim GPT is Artificial General Intelligence because AGI happens to be somewhat well defined.

So they went with completely meaningless, but very much suggestive, "sparks of AGI."

"Can't believe it's not AGI" just means "it's not AGI," though.


@rysiek Parkay-GI™


@rysiek Sporks.

molly0xfff, to random

whenever i see a take about LLMs being sentient, it makes me think of when my dog hears someone talking to me on the phone and seemingly gets worried i'm trapped inside the little rectangle


@molly0xfff as long as we don't even have a basic model of language, i too wouldn't be too worried about LLMs being sentience. BTW, i think people would get less confused if we would just call those things "LFM"s instead, for "Large Frequency Model". Or if the second "L" would stand for "Lexicon" instead of "Language".


@molly0xfff I even see this spread by people I considered reasonably intelligent before which I find worrying.

jack_daniel, to random

Three of the meatballs followed mama to breakfast this morning, two are being brave and trying real food for the first time.


Update, all five meatballs eventually made it to the porch, and are playing with everything now.
I may just make cocktails and watch kittens for the rest of the day.


@jack_daniel jealous.

theleavingyear, to random

Yayoi Kusama
Hello!, 1989

IMAGE: Center is a yellow pumpkin with black dots. There is a window with a girl looking out. In the background, bright pink fields, several pumpkins. The sky is black. To the left, a colorful sun with clock hands set to three o'clock.

garius, to random

"on today's podcast, we'll be talking about how humans need to give cats lunch."

th, to random

Box art vs gameplay.

underthebreach, to random

Parts of Twitter's source code are now confirmed to be leaked by Twitter. This along with the 235,000,000 Twitter users database leak I reported on in January practically means you can build your own Twitter 😂




Apparently the code was on GitHub for months.

Elmo was, by all accounts, more interested in setting $24B of his 💰 on 🔥 than on making sure his IP was secured.

AmyEmerick, to random

"Don't plant your bad days. They grow into weeks. The weeks grow into months. Before you know it, you got yourself a bad year. Take it from me - choke those little bad days. Choke 'em down to nothing."

Tom Waits.

Bellingcat, to random

A nice writeup about the merits of our training courses, courtesy of Cursor, the Eindhoven University of Technology magazine.

VirusBulletin, to random

AT&T researchers have discovered a new variant of the BlackGuard stealer in the wild, infecting using spear phishing attacks. The malware has evolved since its previous variant and now arrives with new capabilities.

VirusBulletin, to random

Uptycs researchers Shilpesh Trivedi & Pratik Jeware analyse a macOS stealer that also controls its operations over Telegram. The stealer can extract documents, cookies from a victim's browser, & login information.

patrickcmiller, to random

Congress Shocked to Discover 10 Year Olds Check the ‘I’m Over 18’ Box Online


@patrickcmiller love the last paragraphs:

“"Don't tell me it can't be done. If we can put a man on the moon, we can verify age," Richard Blumenthal, a current Senator from Connecticut, said in Congressional testimony back in 2006 when he was the State’s attorney general.

“The last time America put someone on the moon was 1972. No one has been there in fifty years. It will likely be another 50 before someone invents a method of verifying the age of internet uses without an unpalatable invasion of privacy.”

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