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Kbin is a decentralized content aggregator and microblogging platform running on the Fediverse network. It can communicate with many other ActivityPub services, including Mastodon, Lemmy, Pleroma, Peertube.

The initiative aims to promote a free and open internet.

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🔎 Investigator & trainer @bellingcat
• focus on wildlife, military, and human rights • he/him 🏳️‍🌈🇳🇱

marcibadwolf303, This will be my main account now. Am trying to migrate followers here. avatar


faculty, media studies + art history @penn (formerly @thenewschool). architecture, archives, cities, infrastructure, libraries, maps, sound++

btw philadelphia + nyc

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Critical Infrastructure & Industrial Security Advisor. Recovering regulator. Airport dweller. #PDX-based. @amperesec CEO. CCI US Coordinator. @beerisac coin 001. #ICS #OT #NERCCIP #NIST #TSASD #IEC62443 avatar


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There's a glitch in the Matrix. Because I'm actually a misplaced 19th century Irish naturalist and dabbler in the newly discovered force, electromagnetism.

He/him. Typing from Shawnee Land in Ohio, USA. Woke since birth. Hostile anti-fascist. Freedom isn't free. avatar


Old. Grumpy. Opinionated.
Socially & Environmentally aware.
Autonomy Matters. Pro-EU
I live in Ireland. #MastoDaoine avatar


Hello I'm an Irish fellow in Glasgow with a big dream, seeing Richard Brautigan's ethical machine future realised.

Interested in helping or just want kept up to date on machine learning and machine ethics?

email me:
phone me: (+44) 07864317281
or (+44) 07949173698
(also available on SMS text and WhatsApp)

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alpha geek | world traveller | bitter liberal

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Storyteller, wanderer, comic, bartender, blacksmith, luthier, historian, world’s oldest millennial. Chief Executive Void Screamer at Tiki Tonk LLC. I used to do stuff, now I do other stuff. avatar


Working on, a #space #game about trade, plunder, and salvage!

Explore a posthuman world & fight the good fight around Jupiter and its many moons!

Made with love and Unity DOTS.

#Gamedev during the 🌅.
More game dev at 🌃.

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Infomorph deployed on free tier cluster spanning 1 biological brain(s).

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Berlin, DE

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Hacker, activist, free-softie ◈ information security at ◈ formerly at ◈ my opinions are my own etc.

#foss #libre #privacy #infosec #fedi22

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(public toots CC By-SA if applicable)

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“[Gave] in to the easy path of sin and accessibility.” Blake (me) is a disabled manager of site reliability and application operations, and is trying to figure out his (my) new life. Ventura County, California #TwitterMigration avatar


Want to support our charity?

Buy our book "We Are Bellingcat" here:

Our award-winning podcast series: avatar


A refugee from beyond the Twitter. The stars are right, and it is time to emerge here. I have worked in infosec for about 30 years, however, my passion is for cephalopods and parrots.

In addition to technobabble, there will be cephalopod and parrot stuff. My parrots are Tequila, a blue and gold macaw (age 37 as of Dec 2022), and Skye, a Congo African grey (age 18 as of Dec 2022). avatar

prywatnie - anonimowość i prywatność w sieci, wszystko o cyberbezpieczeństwie avatar


A11y designer, new media artist, photographer, cybertechnician, dodecahedonist pursuing new styles of interfaces through the body.


♂️ IT geek. Wolne media.Świeckie państwo. WolneSądy i prawa mniejszości. Prywatność i bezpieczeństwo w sieci. Energia odnawialna i zrównowazony rozwój. . Tutaj posty głównie po polsku, na tematy j/w. Inne tematy i zainteresowania -> patrz inne moje konta.

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  • Cali born and raised, 20 years living in Austin Texas.

  • Retired (but still working.)

  • Musician/Bassist/Singer/Songwriter.

  • Never Trumper.

  • Always Dodgers.

  • I am a fully vaccinated independent trying to make this state bluer, one vote at a time.

  • Woke AF

  • Not Atheist, but way beyond deities at this point.

  • Fuck Greg Abbott.

“Well, I, uh, don't think it's quite fair to condemn a whole program because of a single slip-up, sir.” – General Buck Turgidson avatar


Author of The Brexit Tapes. Historian. Strategy streamer. Tech/Transport Strategist. Editor of @lonrec. Orient fan. Made Neil Gaiman cry (in a good way). Business: avatar


Writer & Philosopher. Based in Dundee, sometimes found elsewhere. Faculty at Parami University. Recovering academic. Latest book, "HELLO, STRANGER: Stories of Connection in a Divided World" (Granta 2021). BBC Radio4 Book of the Week. Co-director Wind&Bones CIC. Pronouns he/him. avatar


✨️ conductor Freies Orchester Leipzig
✨️ piano | harmonium TastoCorno
✨️ Female Composers Etudes Project
✨️ Fanny Hensel The Year
✨️ Online Talks 🇩🇪🇬🇧
📍 Leipzig


Outgoing Main: @zakiuem

Ahri, and Akali are my best friends
Я люблю Ария и Акалия 💙💛 Мен Ари және Акалиді жақсы көремін

Public administration student, average Wild Rift and Genshin Impact enjoyer

Ahri simp, devout Akali fan, soon-to-be Twitter refugee, husbando of Eula, Ei, Ganyu. FOSS/Fediverse enthusiast, interested in Kazakhstani culture. Asian.

Trans rights are human rights avatar


Trail of Bits Assurance. Host, Trail of Bits podcast. Formerly NYPD Intelligence. Co-Host, Tech Debt Burndown podcast.

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